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Regular reporting
to owners

Our detailed reports reassures the owners

Monthly rent and the Maintenance, to increase the property value.

As we have an important asset from the owner, regular reports are recognized as the most important initiatives in business. We will give you a variety of proposals to maximize revenue and minimize costs, as well as reporting the situation as needed from resident recruitment to move-out.

Financial statment

We communicate closely with the landlord since we are far away.

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(Maximize Revenue)

Please contact us how much yields you are asking for .Considering market trends, we aim to maximize earnings based on the Knowledge and experience we cultivated.

(minimum cost)

The cost of maintenance of property facilities is often unlikely that you have no idea if there is no expertise. We will explain until you can be convinced and we'll provide you the estimate from more than two companies, and aim to minimize expenses.

Asset value
(maintenance and improvement)

We will respond to the demand for asset value improvement until we reach large-scale repair and repair such as the best renewal plan to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Service

Feel free to ask for any questions. Our service can be satisfied for customer living aboard or diffrent Nationality owners.

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