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Our fees

Information about our fees.
The cost from basic management to vacancy management.

Management fees

The basic plans and fees are as follows.
Other plans will be discussed according to your needs and budget.

Regular management work

Monthly management fees3% and up (the lowest price in the market!) However, if the rent is less than JPY500,000/M, fees starting from JPY15,000/M
Description of workVentilation of rooms, running water, sorting out mail, exterior (checking exterior walls, plants, weeds), simple cleaning of balconies, checking of rooms (for leaks, mold, etc.) and preparation of reports.

Vacant Room(House) Management

 Visit once a monthVisit twice a month
Detached houseJPY12,000JPY20,000


Visit once a monthVisit twice a month

Detached house

Visit once a monthVisit twice a month

Our Service

Feel free to ask for any questions. Our service can be satisfied for customer living aboard or diffrent Nationality owners.

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