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We provide total assistance from finding new tenant, collecting rent, tenancy management to move out procedure.

There are many management companies who deal with only Japanese people in the market. Rise Lease will introduce Tokyo/Yokohama areas both in Japanese and Enlgish not only to Japanese people but also foreigners living in Japan and customers from overseas.

In addition to advertisements and the real estate listings, introductions to our clients from global companies and Japanese corporations, websites in Japanese and English to Japanese and people live abroad who are planning to return to Japan or expecting to come to Japan.

On the property introduction page, we will post photos and videos, we will conduct a virtual tour (videophone) to appeal the charm of the room in detail for those planning to return to Japan or expecting to come to Japan. In response to the owner's request, we will conduct an original rent assessment survey that combines the market price and our data, for the owners living overseas, virtual tours (videophone) from their vacant property, we will propose an advistiement method according to your request and the character of the property.

If you are considering putting the market for both to the renting and the sell, our experienced staff from each service will be happy to assist you.

Company Info

Name of the company Rise Lease.
CEO James Hideki Yamaguchi
Location 8F My square, 2-10-3 Azabu-jyuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-6435-0115
Establishment 2021
Capital 1,000,000JPY
Corporate Group

Rise Corp.


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